Mobile showroom


Reasons to shop at home

Convenience and time efficiency and crowd avoidance are just three examples of why someone should choose our mobile flooring store. Whether moving or stationary, our showrooms are always fully stocked with floor and window coverings, all manufactured by the same well-recognized and trusted names. We know some people prefer physical locations, so we accommodate them with showrooms in Westfield & Wautoma.

Advantages of the shop at home option

  • No distractions. It's not just the crowds that sidetrack, but the hundreds of pretty designs, styles, constructions, and categories. It's only natural to walk in planning to buy one thing but leave with another. Keep in mind when that happens, it may not be the best choice for your particular requirements.
  • Seeing your “true” color. You'll see samples in your own home, with your lighting, upholstery, and other furnishings. Colors shift when placed next to different colors. Even lightboxes or natural illumination can create changes. The only way to see true color is to view it in your surroundings.
  • Better focus. Studies show that one makes the best decisions when well-fed and rested. You lose concentration when thinking about sore backs or headaches. Finally, you might get so tired you'll make a decision to make it and not because it's not what you want, and that can cause unsatisfactory choices.
  • Enhanced memory. Ever notice that sometimes when something isn't right in front of you, it will be forgotten? This includes things like the kitchen that's prone to leaks or the pet who has frequent accidents. Then you'll forget that you might need waterproof, extra durability, or stain resistance needs.



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Big box vs. local store?

"This speaks to our superior, personalized customer service and the fact that we tailor your shopping experience, whether it's at home or in our facility, to your comfort and convenience. We have options because we're not controlled by corporations or vendors who only want the highest sellers in stock. We also have the freedom to adjust our prices to control discounts and rebates. If you want something more unusual, we might have it in stock or order it for you, something not found at big box stores.

For over 20 years, McCartney Carpet has been a flooring company. We have showrooms in Westfield & Wautoma, WI, convenient to Adams, WI, Princeton, WI, Portage, WI, Central Wisconsin, WI, Wautoma, WI, and Westfield, WI. Be sure to ask about our free estimate and take advantage of our shop at home service."