Innovatively designed, long-lasting, and breathtaking –LVT flooring is all the rage!

Imagine flooring with a breathtaking allure that's built to last for decades. A material that's innovatively designed by the leading manufacturers and produced with advanced technology. Those beautiful floors that you've just envisioned –those are one-of-a-kind luxury vinyl tiles (LVT). With popularity growing every day, LVT has quickly become all the rage for a great many homeowners looking for a robust yet versatile alternative to solid wood. When it comes to luxury vinyl tile, there's certainly much to admire. But is LVT right for your upcoming renovation? Here are a few more benefits of this unique creation that's truly full of character.

Easy installation

There's no need to move out your home temporarily during the installation process, thanks to its super simple, quick-click or easy-stick design. Compared to many other types of flooring, that means you'll be able to enjoy your LVT floors within just a few hours. In many cases, LVT can be installed directly over pre-existing floors.

Innovative design

The style, finish, and texture are so similar to wood, you'll likely be unable to tell them apart! Beveled edging enhances the design details, creating a very realistic simile of authentic hardwood. But you're not limited to the wood appearance with LVT, as it's available in several fantastic lookalike options as well.

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LVT is a high-quality material that's built to withstand heavy traffic, humidity exposure, and even it's even waterproof and flame-resistant. Often used in commercial installations, LVT promises a durable, hard-wearing flooring that can no doubt handle your busy household.


What's more, LVT has superb slip and grip resistance, perfect for spaces like bathrooms and kitchens where you truly need a dependable, secure installation. But there's no need to give up on style to get versatility! Luxury vinyl is an incredibly aesthetically pleasing material, no matter where you place it. With a wide range of style and design options, you can get a bold, bright tone, a modern wood lookalike, a creative grain pattern –the choices are endless.


Lastly, one of the top advantages of selecting luxury vinyl is its incomparable cost-effectiveness. There's no need to choose function over style because with LVT you can have both at a cost-effective price.
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