Versatility and style all wrapped into durable, economical laminate floors

Who wants an economical, durable flooring that's versatile and stylish? A low-maintenance hard surfacing that's both sustainable and long-lasting? If that's what you want for your upcoming home makeover, then what you're looking for is laminate flooring. Decorate your house without ignoring your budget with this fantastic, unique material. Let's check out some impressive characteristics that will surely convince you laminate is truly the floors for your renovation.

Tough, hard-wearing –but still incredibly stylish!

Protected by a tough resin layer and a durable external coating, it's a hard surfacing option that's impact and scratch-resistant. Do you have children that seem to always be dropping toys or pets that run like crazy? Then keep your busy household in tip-top shape with long-lasting laminate.

Moisture, fade, and stain resistant

With remarkable, hard-to-beat warranty protection against moisture penetration, fading, and stains, there's a very good reason why this flooring is soaring in terms of popularity. Depending on which type you choose, you're likely looking at a 25-year warranty on your installation.

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Easy to maintain, easy to clean

Thanks to its superior moisture and stain protection, it's super simple to take care of food mishaps and liquidy spills. What's more, you won't have to waste time on varnishing or waxing your floors because they'll always look terrific!

Affordably priced

In general, laminate is considerably more affordable than its many other flooring counterparts. When you take into account its longevity and durability, it's a smart economical decision. While it is a budget-conscious choice, don't bee fooled into thinking it'll look cheap –it'll look anything but. Save big without the disappointment of dealing with inferior quality materials, as this flooring option is truly premium grade.

Tons of styles to choose from

The great thing about laminate is its chameleon like qualities. Manufactured in a seemingly unending array of color, texture, design, and patterns, you can get whatever look you want for your home. Love the exotic wood appearance? Prefer the cool ceramic appeal? Match your mood, style –and budget –with contemporary, realistic laminate designs.
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At McCartney Carpet, our Wautoma and Westfield, WI laminate flooring store professionals are more than happy to help you figure out which flooring would be most ideal for your home. Serving the Adams, WI, Princeton, WI, Portage, WI, Central Wisconsin, WI, Wautoma, WI, and Westfield, WI areas, our honest, experienced experts can answer all your soft or hard surfacing questions.