You’ve decided that you want carpeting for your next floor covering. Congratulations! In your research, you came across nylon and polyester. So what’s the difference between these two fibers?

High quality

Nylon is a durable carpet fiber that is appropriate for high-traffic areas. It can resist heavy furniture and matting and spring back into shape after the furniture has been moved. It is typically used in dining rooms and living rooms. Polyester is another high-quality fiber that is used in bedrooms and rooms with a lot of daylight.

Resistance to stains

Nylon is a fiber that must be treated in a factory with stain-resistant chemicals. A glass of wine will soak into an untreated piece of nylon but will not penetrate polyester. Polyester is a hydrophobic fiber and naturally resistant to stains. It is made of recycled plastic beverage bottles, so it is considered eco-friendly.

Resistance to crushing

Nylon is the more resilient of the two. When a nylon carpet is walked on, it returns to its original form and won’t crush down. The same is true of heavy electronics and furniture if they are moved from the nylon carpet. The nylon will spring back into form. Polyester is softer and less resilient. So polyester is more suited for rooms where there is less traffic, like a bedroom.

Resistance to fading

Polyester has a high luster to it and is available in a wide variety of colors than nylon. Nylon is found in more matte shades, while polyester is bright and vibrant. Both are resistant to fading. Yet carpeting manufacturers warn against putting any carpet in direct sunlight, so you may have to use an area rug to protect your carpet.

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