A Saxony carpet is iconic. It's probably the carpet most people think of when they hear "broadloom."

Saxony rugs refer to a cut pile type with soft and dense fibers. As for length, they're not as short as a low pile but not as long as, say, shag rugs.

A plush texture

This is the Saxony most people know! It has even shorter, densely packed fibers with a soft, luxurious, velvety feeling.

Plush Saxony has a more formal look. Any plush texture, however, has fibers that go in only one direction. 

Our carpet store professionals will also explain that straight fibers tend to reflect light more as well. 

This results in impressions caused by footsteps or vacuum marks. It's best to keep Saxony Plush in low-traffic rooms, such as bedrooms–or living rooms only used for formal occasions.

Saxony textured or “trackless”

Here, long-ish fibers of different lengths go in all directions. That hides impressions well, making this rug suitable for mid- to high-level traffic areas.

What are the benefits of carpet? 

  1. Style. You’ll see a large assortment of colors, designs, and styles when you come into our showroom to shop for carpet in Westfield, WI, or Wautoma, WI. 
  2. They come from mills like Mohawk, Aladdin Commercial, and more.
  3. Noise reduction. This is especially great for infants or night shift workers in residence.
  4. Temperature insulation. Carpeting doesn't transfer warmth or chilly air. Great benefit for those cold, snowy Wisconsin winters!
  5. Carpet can improve indoor air quality. Rather than letting particles circulate in the air, carpets trap them in their fibers, where they remain until deep-cleaned. This takes them out of the breathing zone. 

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