Carpet is one of those floor coverings that remains popular. And why not? It's elegant and affordable.

Carpets come in many styles and designs. They also eliminate noise, keep rooms toasty and cozy, improve indoor air quality, and soften falls.

You might have noticed some indentations when you moved the furniture–and they didn’t go away.

That’s called crushing

It refers to collapsing the rug's yarns, making it look flat and matted. 

There’s no resiliency, the ability to bounce back into shape after compression.  

This could be caused by anything from heavy foot traffic to legs on heavy furniture; carpet store professionals might tell you to move furniture from time to time to help avoid the problem.

Is there crush-resistant carpeting?

Yes, you want something highly durable with superior resiliency. There are three great options:

1.SmartStrand: This is one of the best. It's an ultra-strong, durable carpet that can stand up (literally) to the heaviest wear.

SmartStrand was tested extensively before being introduced to the US market. It spent two weeks in a rhinoceros cage and then was invited to a kids' party where drops & spills were given. Yet, after each experience, this carpet in Westfield, WI, and Wautoma, WI, remained unfazed. 

See SmartStrand's style in our showroom. This includes Gentle Breeze or Luxurious Array. Both are from SmartStrand's Forever Clean Silk by Mohawk and are available in over 30 colors. 

2.Nylon: Ultra-tough with superior resiliency, this fiber comes in a wide assortment of colors, patterns, designs, and styles. It's a good choice for large families and heavily trafficked rooms.

3.Wool: A natural fiber with outstanding resiliency. See our carpet collection from Karastan. 

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