When choosing a carpet for your home, the choice of fibers is essential. It is the most critical choice you can make when choosing a rug. Nylon and polyester are two very commonly chosen fibers for carpeting. At McCartney Carpet, we want to make sure everyone gets personalized service. So when you are buying flooring, questions can come up. Let's answer some of those today about nylon and polyester.

Nylon vs. polyester

Nylon is known for its resilience. It is ultra-strong. That means that you can step on it, and it will spring back into its original shape. Polyester is a hydrophobic material meaning it has an inherent stain resistance. As a result, it won't absorb liquids or spills. Nylon is more absorbent, but it is treated with a stain resistance chemical in the production process. Both nylon and polyester can come as soft products.

How to compare

When comparing nylon to polyester, it's essential to ensure they are equivalent. So a polyester may be a high-quality fiber. Nylon could be a lesser quality fiber. Yet both could be equal.

Another factor to consider is the price point. Nylon can be a pricier product than polyester. This is due to polyester’s low production value. However, it is made out of recycled plastic drinking bottles, which are very eco-friendly.

A third factor to consider are looks. Nylon comes in a dull-matte color: brown, tan, or gray. On the other hand, polyester comes in vibrantly bright and varied colors. So you may want a polyester carpet if you want to have a bright room, like a teen's bedroom.

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