With the overwhelming selection of products, it’s only natural to ask if carpet will be the best choice for your project.

Carpet’s a great choice, but the final answer will depend upon your needs, style, and budget. 

Here are some things to know about carpet.

A rug for every style

There are three main carpet constructions: loop, cut-pile, and cut and loop. Of those, there are various textures and features and different fiber heights. 

They're all at various price points. That makes it impossible not to find what you need!

Fiber: the most crucial decision you'll make

Fiber has everything to do with aesthetics and function. When you walk into our carpet store, you'll see:

  1. Nylon is the most potent synthetic that's ultra-durable and great for large families with kids and pets 
  2. Polyester, which has outstanding stain resistance 
  3. Triexta, which is strong and has permanent stain resistance built into the fiber 
  4. SmartStrand was even tested for durability in an animal cage for durability and stain resistance!

Carpets improve indoor air quality

Pollutants and particles get trapped in the fibers until the rug is deep-cleaned. That removes them from the breathing zone.

Carpeting helps insulate a room

  1. Insulates temperature. Wisconsin winters can get pretty cold and snowy, and your carpet in Wautoma, WI, will keep the room toasty and cozy.

While some floorings transfer heat and cool, a soft surface will hold onto them. An already warm room stays warm, while a chilly one stays cool.

Carpets also:

  1. Reduce noise. The cushioning eliminates noise from footsteps, beeping devices, muffled conversations, and more. 
  2. Softens falls. Falling on a soft surface is more comfortable than a hard one!

Visit our carpet store for your flooring needs

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