The answer to this question depends upon the type of hardwood flooring you're planning to install. If it's engineered wood flooring, the answer is yes, but solid is not recommended because of water and moisture issues. On the surface, both seem similar in appearance but have differences in construction that affect performance.

Engineered vs. solid: the difference

Solid, as the name implies, is one thickness throughout but engineered is layered. At the top is a slice of your species-of-choice, giving the floor all the undertones, knots, raised grains, and swirls we've come to expect with wood floors. However, underneath are three or more genuine wood layers combined with a little resin and placed in a crosswise position. As a result, these floors are more stable, with no shrinking or expansion to adjust to the weather. There's more versatility in installation possibilities, such as below grades areas, like basements, where solid isn't recommended.

Installation is a little different, as well. Engineered can be installed over concrete Installation and while solid is a tongue and groove nail-down, engineered offers the additional option of the floating floor. This is a fast and relatively simple technique where the pieces click together. Mat, then hover without nails or glue. Subfloors need only be clean, dry, and level.

The similarities?

Thickness matters to both solid and engineered because it affects the number of times each can be sanded and refinished. The ideal for solid is ¾-inch, and, depending on that number, it can be refinished up to six times. Engineered has a range of ⅜-inch to ½-inch. Thicker is better, and, depending on the number, it can be refinished up to five times.

Both versions last for decades and add the same value to a property. Popular species for either solid or engineered are oak, hickory, maple, walnut, ash, and cherry.

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